Sabine Blanchard

About Sabine Blanchard

SABINE BLANCHARD With her freedom of thought and her renewed versatility, Sabine Blanchard is a truly atypical artist. She is not afraid of the third dimension and masters it in her work: urban planner by training, she has conducted major citywide projects in Paris. Later on, her architectural skills were valued in Switzerland. Currently living in Dubai, she is now focusing on the infinitely small, breathing back life to unusual objects that she combines with her renowned great sensitivity. She is constantly challenging herself, inspired by her versatility and none of her pieces are similar to one another. She spans from digital creation to physical collage, piling up elements or playing on their transparency, she uses thread and screws, canvas and even birdcages… Strong of 25 years in numerous creative fields, Sabine Blanchard is recognised for the acute maturity she expresses in this world of hers, extremely graphic and always poetic. Sabine Blanchard is also working on a graphic book with illustrations, where she depicts the life of a Parisian woman unveiling the wonders of Dubai.