Virtual Office – E-Office – Flexi-Office set up – Full Business Set up

ll of these terms are used interchangeably and seem to confuse a lot of investors. This set up is different from the above illustrated option. With this virtual office set up you get a proper business license, corporate bank account with online banking facility, cheque book and currency accounts (AED, USD, EUR, GBP, etc.). The investor can also apply for residence visa after successful completion of company registration.
The Dubai virtual office set up is licensed through Northern Emirates free zones only. Some of them maintain business centers in Dubai from where the investor can operate his/her business. Such a set up is considered a full business set up and usually requires a small business plan or project proposal. Some of the free zones who license this specific "small business" type of company formation in addition ask for proof of share capital, which ranges from AED 100,000 – 185.000 (one time).
Due to increased competition among free zones and investors becoming more cautious about spending money, the new trend among free zones is to waive share capital requirements altogether and only make them a figurative requirement during the set up process. Which means the investor does not physically have to show the share capital.
Costs for a Dubai virtual office start at AED 39,100 – E-Office (without Dubai office address) starts at AED 23,000 p.a. plus visa fees of approx. AED 3,500 per person (for a 3-year visa).